Everyone knows that what is natural is always the best for your skin. A lot of women want to know how to make a skin mask at home. Here is a recipe of a skin mask.

Possesses clearing and toning up effect.

Components: 2-3 items of the spoon of cosmetic clay, 1 egg yolk, 5-6 drops of an olive oil, oils of a lemon or a chamomile, not aerated mineral water.

A way of application: Fill in clay with cold water and stir weight before reception of a consistence of sour cream. Add an egg yolk, some drops of an olive oil, oil of a lemon or a chamomile. It is possible to add one or two components. By means of wadded balls put a mask and leave before full drying, then wash with mineral water and put on the person a nutritious cream.

Action: clears, tones up your skin.

Type of a skin: any.

Frequency of application: two times a week.

A period of storage: 6 hours per a refrigerator.

A preparation time: 5 minutes, plus of 30 minutes on soaking.

Time of application: 20 minutes.

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