I am looking at these pictures of Britney Spears and I am thinking that it is great that she came back on the stage and has a new album and a new Circus tour and stuff. But she looks bad I think.

Remember the times when she was very fat and unconscious. She lost a lot of weight since then, due to diets or plastic surgery liposuction. But her body is not that thin and elegant as it used to be. She has those big muscles like Pink and in my opinion it just looks ugly.

Britney Spears has a pretty face, she took out her silicone implants and has smaller normal breasts now, but her body is just not feminine I think.

I also think she should hire a different stylist, because her concerts costumes are just old school Madonna fashion style and they look pathetic. This is not fashionable at all.

In general I think people in USA have problems with fashion, they really stay old fashioned. Europe is much progressive than USA. Fashion is born here.

Britney doesn’t have cellulite anymore, as she had in the bikini picture, but she still looks unfinished. Her hair also looks bad, maybe she should try a new color, something interesting. A new haircut for Britney would be a nice choice. She should take the example from Rihanna, she is updating her style like every month. Rihanna comes out with a new haircut very often and Britney Spears has the same style since 1998.

Rihanna is always on the top, she always looks the best she can. And Britney Spears is looking like that only on some kind of VMA or stage. Did you hear that “my pussy is hanging out”, OMG that is vulgar to say.

Britney definitely should change a lot of things, because she is not up to date anymore. She is not hot and not fashionable anymore, except for american housewives perhaps.


britney spears

Britney Spears

Britney Spears

britney Spears

Britney Spears