Every time you look at a new photo session of a famous celebrity, you probably think – how does she keep that fantastic body, how can she stay so fit, slim, have big breasts and perfect skin? That is a question that most of the women probably ask.

The women you see in normal life are not perfect. They can’t be perfect, because in that case you have to spend half of your day in the gym and beauty salons, and the other half thinking about what kind of healthy food to it. But if you have to work, to take care of your kids, to do a lot of stuff at home, there is little time for yourself. However I don’t say that your appearance is not important, but sometimes it is hard to impose yourself to that.

If you just start to have small rules about the things you eat, and have some time for physical exercises, it will be much easier to have a start of a healthy way of living.

But this time I don’t want to talk about all this healthy stuff. I just want you to take a look at the real celebrities like Eva Mendes, Avril Lavigne, Eva Longoria and Kim Kardashian. There are two types of pictures that you can see the before and after effect of photoshop.

eva mendeseva longoriaavril lavignefotoshop4kim kardashian cellulite

That is a serious difference I may say. I try to work hard and to fight cellulite which doesn’t want to avoid me, even if I am skinny. But celebrities have a lot of money and time to do whatever they like with their bodies, and still they cannot look perfect.

Kim Kardashian I think did a smart step that she admitted she had cellulite and tried to do something with it. When that picture came out in public, she reacted naturally saying that every normal woman has cellulite.

Than Kim Kardashian was in swimwear on a cover of a magazine with no photoshop at all, and people could see how she looks in reality. So, if you really get frustrated that you can’t look that 100% ideal, don’t worry please, because it is almost impossible. Even the most famous and beautiful cannot do that. Because it is natural to have some imperfections.