This is a new direction of my blog, here I will write good points about pregnancy week by weekpregnancy. First of all finding out that very soon you will become a mom is a feeling that you can understand only when it happens to you. I still can’t imagine it, but I am sure that I will be very happy about this news some day.

Pregnancy and childbirth is divided into 3 trimesters and the final stage is the childbirth. Here starts your pregnancy calendar. Each trimester is proceeding differently, each woman feels differently about the early signs of pregnancy. On the 5th, 6th week most of the women start to feel toxicosis. This is a permanent feeling of nausea from any kind of smell, taste. You will also feel tired and sleepy all the time.

Pregnancy Symptoms:
The first trimester is accompanied sometimes by bloody eliminations that scary a lot of women. Many women think that this is their period and they are not pregnant, but it is not menstruation and it happens quite rare. You may also feel more often need to urinate, because uterus is growing and is pressing.

Pregnancy also influences the physical aspect of a woman. You will notice how your breasts get bigger. You may also loose some weight in the first weeks because of the toxicosis. There may appear some problems with digestion and normal excretion. Progesteron, which is a feminine hormone, is influencing the normal digestion making the woman feel certain discomfort. The best remedy for it is to drink a glass of water when you are hungry. You should also drink more liquids and eat more fruits and vegetables.

Any type of cold is very dangerous because it will influence your pregnancy. That is why you should take care of yourself all the time. In case bleedings or severe pains you should immediately consult a doctor, because that may be a sign of a wrong pregnancy evolution.

A spontaneous abortion may happen between the second and third trimester. The risk of spontaneous abortion is bigger with the age of the woman. The first trimester is the time you have to consult all kind of doctors and pass all the necessary tests.

So in order to avoid bad feelings from toxicosis, you should walk more.

Good Luck:)