Sometimes when you have a brilliant idea of creating a small business, organizing an event, or anything else it is very important to have a smart advertising, even in small proportions. I was participating in some human rights campaigns and now I know what you can do in order to attract more people to it.

First of all it you should have your logo and name of the thing you want to promote. You should print it on everything you are going to show to the people. For example on t-shirts, on CD’s and DVD’s. You should also use some innovative ideas, like CD or DVD sleeves, print your own posts or you can attract the attention with something already existing brand or celebrity. A poster with a celebrity will be very attractive.

Women know how to invent stuff that will attract other women, you can print any idea on anything you want, stickers, t-shirts, pens etc. If you want to advertise your concert for example, it is useful to make poster printing, not too big. 27″ x 39″ is the custom size for such a poster. It is easy to promote anything you want by printing it on things and spreading it even for free, it is the best advertising.