That’s an old question and you can’t really choose one and forget about the other. At least I think it’s not fair to save only one. Once with the women emancipation and all kind of stuff, women finally understood and had the right to start their own world of talented, famous and successful women. In all kind of domains you can meet women that are very respected for what they do and not for how they look.

In my opinion it is great that the woman is not treated as a housekeeper and babysitter anymore. I mean that it is much easier to affirm in something when you have the support of you family and friends. The other problem is when women really work too much, and reserve the idea for creating a family after her 30’s. And I know cases when they really forget about having a family and raising kids. Many of them don’t feel that happy, because they missed their chances.

In order to avoid it, I think it is important to work on both sides. I mean, you should always understand that maintaining a balance is very important. But sometimes the work is so interesting that you just completely forget about home things.

I personally think that a woman deserves to affirm herself, to be independent from her husband, because that way he will appreciate her more and not let him do many ugly things as she is not depending and can leave you anytime. The other problem is that not every man would like to see a strong woman near himself.

I know that a lot of women still believe that sitting at home with kids is the best they can do. But for me that is too boring. I always want to learn something, to do something important. What do you think?