As it is a new season now, it is time to have a new accessory. Try to look at what celebrities wear and maybe you can find something for yourself. What would you say if a toy watch for example would be the latest hottest thing. Even Michelle Obama wears it and she is definitely a fashion icon. It seems a childish accessory, but you can easily match it with your own style and be look very mature.

Michelle Obama definitely knows how to pick up the hottest things, invent her own style. There is a great variety of high quality, super fashionable watches and you can choose something for yourself and look unique. According to NBC Michelle is combining both fashion and practical aspect to look great and comfortable. That is why she made her decision for toy watch.

She also has a lot of other accessories that she know how to wear. AOL Beauty & Style noticed that she always is very elegant and fashionable. Michelle never makes a mistake in what she wears, her stylists work on every piece she is wearing, but she also has a great taste herself. A lot of average women can definitely take her as a great example in everything she does.