Nowadays there exist so many theories that have the aim to discover the reason why some people get obese and others don’t. Discovery Channel, Explorer and others show different TV programs about obesity, having a lot of people there giving interviews, consulting specialists and experts in dieting and health. But still there many people that cannot understand why they get fat.
Scientists had presumed that there must be a gene that makes some people get fat very easy, and this gene is absent at people that stay healthy. As there exist a lot of opinions that sustain this fact, there are still a lot of scientists, trainers that say they can help anyone and there is no gene that will stop them. And I have seen a lot of people, on TV of course, that were working out and dieting and got rid of tens of kg. It is almost unbelievable to see that a person that had 200-300kg can weight less than 100kg, but it is possible.

But the main problem is that it is very hard for a person to start to change its habits. Obese people are very often used to eat every hour. A woman was saying that when she started exercising and dieting, she started to feel unusual feeling in her stomach. Her trainer explained that was the feeling of hunger. She was about 40 years old when she for the first time in her life felt hungry.

In many cases, obese people just don’t know how to escape from their daily problems, but just eat. They have a permanent need to eat something and they can eat big portions, which is unusual for a normal person. You have to realize that this can kill you someday, that you have such a beautiful life that you are just wasting and forget about the food as your priority.

I don’t know, but I believe that it is possible at least to make your portions smaller every time you eat. And if you reduce the quantity of food that you eat each day, you will reduce the amount of calories and your stomach will get used to smaller portions. You won’t feel anymore the necessity to eat that much. That is a small effort that is possible to do I think. I wish luck to those people that strugle obesity everyday.