New faces, new celebrities
Have you noticed that celebrities have the property of appearing and disappearing. Depending on their talent, someone can stay for a longer time, others don’t.
I would like to make a rating of the latest most popular celebrities, that were in tabloids very often this month.

Lindsay Lohan- she is permanently discussed not for her talent, but for the troubles she gets in. For the last half a year she looked really bad to me. She is just 23, but her face looks very tired. It seems like she is doing drugs and partying all the time. Almost like Amy Winehouse used to.

Kloe Kardashian - she is not considered the lead sister and is not consider as sexy and beautiful as Kim and Kourtney are, but she got something how to get more attention. Kloe got married. The strangest thing is that they got married very quickly, as they were dating a short period of time and decided to get married.

Kourtney Kardashian also got some attention – she is pregnant now and is going to give birth soon.

Kristen Stewart and Robbert Pattinson – these are also stars of the season, due to their movie. I’m not sure about Kristen Stewert, but Robbert Pattinson is going to stay famous for a longer time.