Sports at home

fitness October 27th, 2009

If you search for a training program, but you don’t really have that much time to go to the gym, you may practice at home, or just go jogging. But for this you will still need good sports wear. I consider that if you want to practice and feel comfortable you should by yourself some qualitative sports wear. Something that will fit you, for example I would prefer very short shorts, but I feel shy wearing them, so I wear some shirts that cover my ankles and they look really nice.
The t-shirt is also very important, I prefer the shirt that covers less the surface. So that you won’t feel uncomfortable in it. But what is essential is the running shoes. If you have some random running shoes you may feel really heavy. The running shoes should exactly fit you foot, they should be easy and made in such a way that they would create the maximum comfort. Even though they may look the same at the first sight, but the running shoes are different. Each person can find a style that will fit him best.
If you like jogging you should also try the pedometers and heart rate monitor. These things will help you to appreciate the distance that you passed, the way your heart feels and how hard it works during the physical exercises. This will make your training more interesting, you will easily notice the results and will be inspired for new exercises.