alexis bledel, katy perry Both of this young girls are my favorites. This is famous “Gilmore girls” Alexis Bledel, and latest super star and fashion icon Katy Perry.

I don’t know why but I realized that I like both of them, due to their physical similarities that they have. When you look at those pictures you can see that they really have almost the same faces, they both are very beautiful and have beautiful symmetric faces.

It is considered that the more your face looks symmetric, the more it seems beautiful to others. The main thing is about their form of eyes. They have the same round eyes. The color is different, but still almost the same. They have absolutely the same noses (!!!). Very cute little noses – I love it. And lips – the same form.

katy perry I found out about Katy Perry, when I saw the video “I kissed a girl”. I liked it because she sounds really different. I read about her on Perez Hilton blog.

Than I went to youtube, and searched for her other songs. I really liked her voice a lot. Katy Perry has a really powerful and unique voice. Besides that I think she is a real fashion icon at the moment. Those cute little dresses are so hot and nobody else wears them. I hope that was her own idea.
Katy Perry was born in 1984, she was raised on gospel music. Besides that one of her musical influences was Alanis Morissette, who is one of my favorites too.

I hope Katy Perry will be really successful in future, because she is one of those really talented persons that deserve it. “One of the boys” is Katy Perry’s album which I really like. I hope she will make some good stuff in future too.

You see how the love to pop princesses has changed. Nobody likes blond, not very smart girls, like Britney. Katy Perry is full of power and style. She represents something new, but still smart and very wise produced.

alexis bledel I saw Alexis Bledel in “Gilmore Girls”, once again a movie for smart girls. Alexis Bledel plays Rory Gilmore, the daughter of Lorelai.

Alexis Bledel is very cute, she has a very gentle, childish pure face. Just right now I am watching a movie with her, something about some “magical jeans” and I may say she is looking very natural and has a very clean and soft face. There is no need for a lot of makeup for Alexis Bledel.

She was born in 1981. She is older than Katy Perry, but I may say looks younger. Probably because Katy Perry puts more make up on. Alexis keeps the childish look in her eyes all the time. Katy Perry looks more like a woman.
I like Alexis Bledel because she seems to be a nice person. She was never seen in some scandalous situations, she probably won’t ever go to rehab or something. Because Alexis Bledel is absolutely smart and positive person. I like the way she is. It’s a pity she doesn’t have many roles in movies, but she is young and is a good actress. I am sure she will get some in future.

Here are all the 7 seasons of “Gilmore girls”. I love the movie, even though it is not a complicated one, it is still a smart one. I had a lot of fun watching it.