Today I would like to talk about a very delicate problem for each woman. This is your skin. How do you take care of it? Each woman has different skin, and needs different treatment for it. But what we all have and what we hate a lot is hair on our skin. Some women have more hair, others have less. But anyway this is a problem and needs a permanent hair removal course. For example i use the epilator for hair removal, but this mehtod is not so good, because you have to do it every two weeks.

I don’t even want to mention the blade, because this is awful. You will have to shave every two days. So I went to the local medical clinic, and they proposed to try the laser hair removal. Than I talked to Anna, my best friend, she said she tried it on legs and it works. You remove hair forever, or at least for a lot of years. It depends on your type of skin. So this is how women can get rid of that unpleasant hair.

Now, there is another delicate problem, which women have to fight once with the age. My mother used to notice some veins, which don’t look so nice. This is due to your age, when veins loose their plasticity, and the sort of break and you can easily notice them on your skin. The same thing, you can remove them. My mom went to the cosmetician and he made her a vein removal treatment.

Actually even 20 years ago, women didn’t have that possibility, to bring back their beuty, or remove the unnatural hair. Hair should grow on women (I mean besides head:). Man consider that a hairy woman is ugly, noone wants to date such a woman.