Aubrey O’day, one of the girls from Making The Band 3 – Danity Kane now. This is one of her pictures were she looks nice.

Aubrey was always considered a star. Even P Diddy was always saying “Aubrey is a star”. She was definitely looking very good all the time and was most noticeable from the group. Even though not having a super powerful voice, Aubrey is a good dancer and has a great look.

So since the band was made, Aubrey O’day went through more changes than any other Danity Kane member. First of all she had a plastic surgery, she made her boobs and now this is what we see.
I don’t know if that was so necessary, but anyway…

Aubrey O’day also put on some weight. I remember she was very skinny. Now I can’t say she’s fat, but anyway, she had put some weight definitely.

Well, I think that Aubrey used to be a very nice girl. And those changes transformed her into a …. don’t wanna say the word. But look at Aundrea Fibres, she remained the same. She remained the same nice girl.

I think Aubrey O’day should put on less make up, because it makes her look older. She has a perfect face, why so much make up?

I liked the song of Danity Kane “Showstopper”, the song is good, and the video is hot. Great job girls!