Talking about beauty salons, I would like to mention that there are so many different modalities to make you feel good. Each salon is trying to do its best and find its own original way of serving their clients. For example some spa procedures, which make you feel so lite and beautiful. Other salons try to do some medical stuff, which sometimes are really painful. I understand when women search for products that don’t hurt their skin and health.

I went to this late beauty salon in my town, and they were using the latest technology. It was about the magnetic therapy that they were practising. When you feel some pain in your muscles, bones, they can take it away with no tablet, just using the magnetic therapy. In that beauty salon, they said that this technology is becoming very popular, because people want to take it to the natural way, that they are fed up of taking pills, and the magnets give them this possibility.

The magnet therapy products were actually development for over 30 years. So now they are used in many places all over the world. I was really amazed how it takes easily the pain, sport injures, sleep problems etc. I had serious sleep problems. I couldn’t sleep until 2 o’clock in the morning. I knew that something was wrong, but I didn’t want to take any pills for sleep.