Snowboarding and Travelling!

Sport September 5th, 2008

My boyfriend likes to snowboard and each winter he goes to some nearby mountains and spends their a week at least. I never went with him because he was going to Ukraine, but this time he said he is going to Switzerland. I said that he should take me with him, because it is a great place the Swiss Ski. I said “hey, this time I want to ski too!” and I am going definitely learn now.

Usually he goes with his friends, this time he is going to take me too. So we are planning a great vacation with our friends to Swiss SKI. That is the best time spending. I think it will be great. As we don’t want to spend a lot of money, we thing we should visit something like ski chalets in Portes du Soleil or ski 4 Valleys & Verbier, I heard it is very nice there. It is important to rent a nice ski apartment in Switzerland and to be sure you have all you need. That way, people like us, students for example, can save money by cooking by themselves and not spending money in the expensive restaurants.

I think this is going to be great. There is not place better than the Switzerland’s Alpes for ski. It is really very beautiful out there. That is why all our friends that went there are very happy, pleased and satisfied of what the experienced in Switzerland. I am sure we are also going to have a great time there. Maybe I will learn how to ski too))