Seafood recipes Contest

Cooking September 9th, 2008

Have you heard off or participated in a cook off contest? I have never participated in a cook off contest, but I have seen cook off on TV, and I always thought it was very interesting.
As I love cooking and finding new recipes, this time I participated in an interactive stuff. This is a sort of a contest, all you have to do is look at some pictures of food, check out the recipe and decide which you like most. And vote for it! The contest is called 2008 GREAT AMERICAN SEAFOOD COOK-OFF WINNING RECIPE
I think this is very interesting, to share your opinion on a certain topic and to choose and find something new for yourself.
In general the cooking theme is about Seafood. I have always loved Seafood, as it is always natural, fresh and tasty. You can make so many recipes from Seafood and it will be something new all the time.
So I went to this website with the cooking contest and I have chosen the Mississippi Redfish Courtboullion with Seafood Dirty Rice, it was prepared by Chef John Currence, from Mississippi. This chef is famous for his complicated and exotic recipes.
I have chosen this one because I liked the way it looked and I liked the ingredients. It contains bacon, fish, different types of pepper and garlic which I love a lot.
This recipe also contains the seafood dirty rice, I love the way they cook it, it is great!
Besides that the domestic seafood is really great, because it is healthy and delicious. I love to eat seafood recipes, because I feel very good and light from it. In general seafood is good for your stomach.
So, I find this contest very interesting. Why not participate in it? I voted for my favorite recipe and you can do it too.

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