Menstruation problems

Healthy September 11th, 2008

A big % of young girls suffer from menstruation problems. I will try to describe some situation and what can be done, from my own experience.

Well, if your menstruation is late, than first of all check if you are not pregnant. First method how to check it – make a test. There two types of pregnancy tests – morning test and anytime test, which is more sensible. I did for example 3 morning tests and all of them showed negative.

But tests may lie. They don’t always show the right thing, due to some unknown reasosn. So the best thing is to visit a doctor and she will tell you if there is any pregnancy or not.

So, if you are not pregnant but the menstruation still doesn’t start. I have this situation all the time. For example once I had two months late period. This was terrible, I didn’t know what to do. The doctors wanted me to check my hormones, but finally everything was right.

One of the advice is to start taking contraceptive tablets, which will regulate your period. Women that cannot get pregnant, take the contraceptive tablets for 3 months and their fertility raises in several times. The following 3 months after stoping taking contraceptive tablets, there are more chances to get pregnant than before. Everyone knows that.

So I was taking them for 2 years, and now when I stopped, my period went out of control. The doctor said I don’t have enough women hormones and she prescribed me some tablets for artificial stimulation of the menstruation. This is what normally doctors do in such cases.

Here are some reasons why the menstruation can be late:

– hormones problems

– ovary dysfunction

– too much stress

– weightloss, diet

In fact there can be so many reasons, you cannot imagine. It is good to stay informed about the problem.

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