Dancing is a great way to stay fit and learn new moves. This is how I found a nice occupation for myself. I love sports, but during winter it is difficult to practice anything else but snowboarding. That was a great news when I found out that we have belly dancing classes in a school right next to my house. They offer affordable prices, the courses take place from 5 to 9-30 pm which is great for me.

But what I like the most is that I get a good result from those classes. It is important that the classes that you choose should always keep you interested. This can be assured by a varied programme that your trainer offers. For instance, we have a training for 1 hour and 30 min, sometimes it lasts almost 2 hours. That is enough time to loose weight. I also like the way the training is combining exercises. We have a warming part of 30 min, a yoga part for 20 min and 40 min of belly dancing. I believe that it is a great combination and I can make almost all my muscles work. But what is the best is that I don’t feel tired and exhausted after each training.

Finally I found something that I really like. It is a great pleasure to be satisfied by the sports your practice. All you have to do is just check the announcements of sport clubs and choose something for yourself.

Belly dance is also a great way of spiritual development of your personality. Oriental music is something really special to me. And even though I don’t understand anything they sing (besides Habibi), it is still very melodic and romantic. By learning belly dance moves, you develop also your sexual energy and sexuality. It is very important for every woman and can improve your ordinary sexual life with your husband.

Belly dances make you feel beautiful, like and appreciate your own body. If you saw any belly dance videos, you could notice that the dancers are almost all the time having curvy shapes. Oriental men don’t like skinny women in fact. It is important that such a woman can feel beautiful about her body.

So if you have such a possibility – go and try belly dance classes. I am sure you will like it.