What is a woman’s goal?

Healthy September 15th, 2008

For the last couple of months I start to hear that some my friends got married, others are already pregnant, others already have a baby. Everyone is grown up so fast. And it seems like just yesterday we graduated the high school, and now everyone is finishing the university and makes there own babes and starts new families. This is probably great, I am very happy for them, but I don’t feel ready for a baby.

Some of my friends have a different opinions. They say that their main goal is work on their career. These girls want to get good jobs and earn a lot of money, and than when they are 30, maybe have a baby.

I don’t even know what is better, because I think it is too early to have a baby when you are 20-23 years old. But when you are over 30 is actually late. Just because of your physical statute. Doctors don’t recommend late pregnancy, because there are chances of having difficult pregnancy.

So what is the goal of a woman? which is her main purpose in life? Family or career?
I think pregnancy is important, but at the same time it is good to have a career too, to have your own money without depending on your husband. I think the perfect time for having a baby is about 25-28 years old. So that it won’t be too late or early.

So about my already pregnant friends. I have two girls from my university group that are pregnant. One is 6 months, the other is 7. Both have girls:) Everyone is treating them so nice, everyone is happy for them. Even though they are young, but they are both very happy to become moms soon.