I admit that family means harmony between two persons, that have same values, same goals, respect and love each other. But how to maintain that balance and what is your role in your family. It doesn’t matter what sex are you. The majority of men and women don’t prefer to admit that they have a subordinated role in their family.

Do you think that there exists the right formula that would describe perfectly a happy family? I don’t think so.

folderAlthough, in the majority of the states, the traditional families had men as leaders, my opinion is that it shouldn’t be a rule. I consider that a happy family is a balanced one. When you have both spouses having an important decisional role. This is what I try to implement in my own family.

However, nowadays, still exist a lot of people with pretty conservative views. This is usually a result of a religious education in the basic family. Muslim, Christian and many other cultures give a man the leading role in the family. Giving him more rights, more prerogatives and a decisional function. While women are usually obliged to respect everything their husband or father says.

I still meet very often opinions that women act a little too emancipated nowadays, and they should be more quiet and respectful to family values. This means often:

– forget about a career, in the favor of the career of your husband;

– take care of the kids almost by yourself;

– do all the stuff at home, again, almost by yourself;

– main decisions are taken by the husband;

Another interesting point of the religious groups is that when you try to do something about domestic violence, tell the women about their rights and possibilities, they tell you “stay away from traditional families, you just want to ruin the family”. Believe me, I heard this exact formulation from some local religious organization, don’t even want to mention it.

I feel like my family is something near to equal and this is what I want to have. Maybe I initiating more things, but I cannot say that I am a leader.

If one is dominating, the other may feel sometimes intimidated and unsure of what should he/she do. That’s why I believe in equality.

Who is the leader in your family?