I am absolutely positive about silicone implants. But its not just about silicone. I think that people that would like to do some cosmetic surgery should do that. For example bigger lips, boobs, any corrections especially with the aging.

Although millions have done plastic surgeries, people still treat it very bad. I mean, many people don’t want to hear about plastic surgery, such as silicone breast implants or lip injections, which I find pretty normal, something ordinary.

Men usually prefer medium or big breasts. There is a very small percentage of men that say they love small breasts. But I don’t believe that. I don’t know why, but I think they just don’t want to upset their girlfriends.

I would like to do a plastic surgery. Both boob job and lip injections with botox. I don’t want big breasts, something between 2-3 size. I think it is just perfect. If speaking about the form, I would prefer the round form than the oval one. But my boyfriend hates me when he hears that. And so I am depending on him in a way, which I hate a lot. If I want to do that, why not? I don’t understand.

What do you think about plastic surgery?