Everyone knows that women are more disposed to different negative states such as stress, eating disorder, nervousness etc. However there is a huge percentage of men who get addicted to different toxic substances, like drugs and also alcohol. But women are being in a weaker status. This is probably due to their character, to their physiological and inside moral thing. So they get easily stressed and here is where all the problems start.

According to the holistic health theory, one of the approaches to treatment – all our problems start from our mental state of mind. This means that when treating a disease, a disorder we should start from our psychiatric state, and not treat only what is aching. The doctor should treat our mind and body and not separately. Eating disorder for example. Women start to suffer from it, when they have problems in life. First of all the woman has to talk to a psychologist and than benefit of an eating disorder treatment.

Another example can serve the addiction to drugs, alcohol or even sex. These are some moral problems, which should be treated not only by tablets, but following special psychiatric courses with the patient and addiction treatment. I mean that diseases should be treated starting from the entire body, because everything is depending on each other. Addictions represent typical psychiatric problems.