Rehabs for girls

Healthy October 3rd, 2008

Every day when I read some musical news, I hear about the fact that Amy Winehouse or Lilly Allen are ready to go to rehab. Every day they start to look worse and worse than before. And all those news about drug addiction or alcohol addiction cannot influence them to stop their obsession. They certainly should serve a bad example for young people, because they are simply destroying themselves by this.

Women and drug addiction became a very wide spread theme these days. Girls are easily influenced, they get more easily addicted to any drugs or alcohol than men. That is why when you notice that some of your friend looks not so good, that she is partying too much, had lost weight and so on, you should try to advice her to take a drug addiction recovery which will definitely help her.

It is important to notice these things from the beginning, because sometimes it is very hard to take a person to rehab. Not all the people agree with that, not everyone wants to leave these bad things behind. They don’t want to understand that someday this may cause their death.

In my opinion, women need help more than men, because they always feel weak when they are in such a difficult situation. Especially when they don’t get any help from people. Besides that women need special treatment approaches.
The problem became very acute at the moment.