Shopping for new Ideas

Shopping October 3rd, 2008

This time I found a very cool fashion thing, which was never used enough. This is the urban theme, creating clothes in the urban style. I have seen couple of designers collection in urban style, but there was never enough of it. I think this is a great idea and can stay fresh all the time, this cannot get old. Urban style contains in it itself the hip hop clothing culture, indie clothing and many more.

I found pretty things at . This is what I call urban style. Women’s clothing in urban style is really cool. What I mostly like about it is that they use natural fabrics, and a lot of colors. The print is always very difficult, contains a lot of elements, I may say complicated.

Men’s clothing is also perfect. The urban style is actually brutal in a way, that is why men fit it perfectly. also works a lot on finding new fresh, independent, with their own vision designers. Nowadays people copy each other. To find someone really talented is hard. But there is a need of independent visions on urban style, on clothing and fashion in general.

I checked on the sale items and found couple of things which I liked a lot. There is a t-shirt with the globe like an ice-cream that is a pretty cool graphic t-shirt.