The HOTTEST bodies at the moment. The list contains only beautiful female bodies, those women that achieved a world wide popularity due to their beauty, individuality, sexiness and so on.
I have created this list basing on my own ideas about these women. I like the way they look very much. More than that I have chosen the women that are popular, very beautiful women with perfect bodies.

Number One is definitely KATY PERRY

Katy Perry is a singer and song writer. She became very popular this year when she released her single “I kissed a girl”. Katy Perry has a great body. She is not skinny, nor fat. But she looks perfect. She has big breasts, and milky white skin. Katy is famous for her fashion sense. She is dressing up in a really unique way. Katy Perry is connecting the old style fashion with new tendencies.

Number two is RIHANNA

Rihanna is staying hot for the latest two years. Even though she is very young, all the world knows that who is Rihanna. She also has a great sense of style, and wears fashionable clothes, more than that Rihanna became a fashion icon. Rihanna has a very beautiful skin, her eyes and lips also attract a lot. She looks unique, not like others, that is why she is so popular. RIhanna is one of the most beautiful women at the moment for sure.

Number three is Nicole Scherzinger

Nicole Scherzinger one of the Pussycat Dolls, the lead singer – I consider her very beautiful. Even though she didn’t have much success with her latest album, but she is very hot. She stays looking amazing being 30. Many women don’t look like that when they are 22. Nicole Scherzinger has a great body, she permanently does physical exercises to keep it in a good shape. She has a great voice and always looks good.

Number four is MEGAN FOX

Megan Fox is only 22, but she is very popular. Thousands of men desire her, especially after her latest photo session for GQ magazine. Megan Fox has a rare combination of blue eyes and dark hair which always looks good. She looks unique, stays very skinny and sexy all the time. It would be great if Megan Fox would do some more movies, maybe she can be a great actress.

Number five is KIM KARDASHIAN

Being one of the three sisters, Kim Kardashian, is the most popular and most famous. I also think that Kim Kardashian is the most beautiful. Besides her sister Courtney which looks like her, other members of the family are not so look alike. These two sisters are very beautiful. It is believed that Kim Kardashian has breasts implants and booty implants. Some people even say that Kim Kardashian’s booty doesn’t look natural or is too huge. But look at that picture above, do you think so? I think she has a great body. If she feels ok with all that weight than it is good for her. Kim Kardashian ends the list of Top 5 most beautiful women.