Who is the leader in your family?

new January 4th, 2011

I admit that family means harmony between two persons, that have same values, same goals, respect and love each other. But how to maintain that balance and what is your role in your family. It doesn’t matter what sex are you. The majority of men and women don’t prefer to admit that they have a subordinated role in their family.

Do you think that there exists the right formula that would describe perfectly a happy family? I don’t think so.

folderAlthough, in the majority of the states, the traditional families had men as leaders, my opinion is that it shouldn’t be a rule. I consider that a happy family is a balanced one. When you have both spouses having an important decisional role. This is what I try to implement in my own family.

However, nowadays, still exist a lot of people with pretty conservative views. This is usually a result of a religious education in the basic family. Muslim, Christian and many other cultures give a man the leading role in the family. Giving him more rights, more prerogatives and a decisional function. While women are usually obliged to respect everything their husband or father says.

I still meet very often opinions that women act a little too emancipated nowadays, and they should be more quiet and respectful to family values. This means often:

– forget about a career, in the favor of the career of your husband;

– take care of the kids almost by yourself;

– do all the stuff at home, again, almost by yourself;

– main decisions are taken by the husband;

Another interesting point of the religious groups is that when you try to do something about domestic violence, tell the women about their rights and possibilities, they tell you “stay away from traditional families, you just want to ruin the family”. Believe me, I heard this exact formulation from some local religious organization, don’t even want to mention it.

I feel like my family is something near to equal and this is what I want to have. Maybe I initiating more things, but I cannot say that I am a leader.

If one is dominating, the other may feel sometimes intimidated and unsure of what should he/she do. That’s why I believe in equality.

Who is the leader in your family?

Belly dances make you feel beautiful

Sport July 20th, 2010

Dancing is a great way to stay fit and learn new moves. This is how I found a nice occupation for myself. I love sports, but during winter it is difficult to practice anything else but snowboarding. That was a great news when I found out that we have belly dancing classes in a school right next to my house. They offer affordable prices, the courses take place from 5 to 9-30 pm which is great for me.

But what I like the most is that I get a good result from those classes. It is important that the classes that you choose should always keep you interested. This can be assured by a varied programme that your trainer offers. For instance, we have a training for 1 hour and 30 min, sometimes it lasts almost 2 hours. That is enough time to loose weight. I also like the way the training is combining exercises. We have a warming part of 30 min, a yoga part for 20 min and 40 min of belly dancing. I believe that it is a great combination and I can make almost all my muscles work. But what is the best is that I don’t feel tired and exhausted after each training.

Finally I found something that I really like. It is a great pleasure to be satisfied by the sports your practice. All you have to do is just check the announcements of sport clubs and choose something for yourself.

Belly dance is also a great way of spiritual development of your personality. Oriental music is something really special to me. And even though I don’t understand anything they sing (besides Habibi), it is still very melodic and romantic. By learning belly dance moves, you develop also your sexual energy and sexuality. It is very important for every woman and can improve your ordinary sexual life with your husband.

Belly dances make you feel beautiful, like and appreciate your own body. If you saw any belly dance videos, you could notice that the dancers are almost all the time having curvy shapes. Oriental men don’t like skinny women in fact. It is important that such a woman can feel beautiful about her body.

So if you have such a possibility – go and try belly dance classes. I am sure you will like it.

Sports at home

fitness October 27th, 2009

If you search for a training program, but you don’t really have that much time to go to the gym, you may practice at home, or just go jogging. But for this you will still need good sports wear. I consider that if you want to practice and feel comfortable you should by yourself some qualitative sports wear. Something that will fit you, for example I would prefer very short shorts, but I feel shy wearing them, so I wear some shirts that cover my ankles and they look really nice.
The t-shirt is also very important, I prefer the shirt that covers less the surface. So that you won’t feel uncomfortable in it. But what is essential is the running shoes. If you have some random running shoes you may feel really heavy. The running shoes should exactly fit you foot, they should be easy and made in such a way that they would create the maximum comfort. Even though they may look the same at the first sight, but the running shoes are different. Each person can find a style that will fit him best.
If you like jogging you should also try the pedometers and heart rate monitor. These things will help you to appreciate the distance that you passed, the way your heart feels and how hard it works during the physical exercises. This will make your training more interesting, you will easily notice the results and will be inspired for new exercises.


new October 21st, 2009

2264793091_0831b7f49f I always loved dogs and considered them the best. My boyfriend brought a cat and know we live with a 6th month, huge one, black cat. He is very aggressive and strong, but when he sleeps, or just stays relax, he is the most adorable thing in the world.
I never thought anything like that is possible, but he can give me a kiss on the chick, he can give a hug:). He can be so sweet, when he stays at home alone all day long, and you come and he is very happy.
I couldn’t sleep tonight, so I took some medicines but still couldn’t fall asleep. So after 2 hours of sleepless night, I took the cat in the bed, because I knew I had to get up early. The effect came in 15 min maximum I guess. He was so sweet, sleeping near me, breathing, so I fell asleep very easy.
Cats have a different temperature and they also have a calming effect. So if you suffer from insomnia, find yourself a cat:). As my cat uses the toilet very often, I prefer to wash him, because the smell is awful and that is why my cat always smells of shampoo. His name is Chewbacca and he is great:)

Successful women

beautiful women October 21st, 2009

Successful women are those beautiful and popular women that you see on TV, read in the newspaper and so on. These women represent an example that you may want to follow. There thousands of successful career stories, but why is it always so unfair that you get everything or nothing, and to get in the first group.
I would like to analyze this situation, find key elements of a successful woman.
First of all it is probably self esteem. When you respect yourself, when you are self-confident, the attitude to yourself will be different. You will treat yourself differently, you won’t allow other people to cause you any harm, you will ask for more from yourself and from the rest of the world. That is a different stage of feeling yourself happy with who you are.
In order to adore yourself, it is not necessary to be miss America. All you have to do is work on your body, on the way you look and on your habits, character. You may have all sort of problems with health, you may not be the most beautiful woman in the world, but if you work on yourself, if you try to look better, if you make an effort there will be result for sure.
The other key element is probably knowledge and studies. I always say that it is great when you have a career, that you know what you want to do in life. A smart woman will always find what to do in life. I believe that only stupid and lazy people always wining about their poor situation. And as a positive example, I have the example of my mother, she could work and raise to children by herself. She worked on a total different profession that she had. Everyone can find a solution, if she/he is capable.
Probably one of the most important element is being independent from anyone, especially from your husband. I consider that this is probably the essential thing in being successful. f you can afford yourself anything you need, your husband will never tell you you are wrong or something. He can not manipulate you and impose you his own opinions. There will be only love and understanding between you, because you don’t depend financially on him. That is why you have to study, to work on the way you look and make your own career.

kim kardashin